Serv India Consultants was born in 2016, on 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti, as a social endeavour embarked upon by the founder and chief architect as a humble attempt to spread financial, legal and taxation literacy.

The governement laid stress upon financial era, and 2016 was a year of great reforms in Indian economy. With demonitization on 8th November, the humble attempt of our founder proved to be extremely successful as more and more people suddenly appreciated the importance of financial inclusion, and literacy in the areas of finance, law, and taxation. It was during this very journey that the fist thought of a consulting platform came to our founder.

GST came into effect from 1 July 2017 through the implementation of the one hundred and first amendment of the Constitution of India by the Indian government. This year 2017, was also the year when RERA was implemented by the Indian government. Though great steps by the government, both these acts slowed down the Indian economy which was already recuperating from the effects of demonitisation the year before. The response and success of the social endeavour of Serv India Consultants, filled our founder with a new zeal. She decided to give her social endeavour a makeover and began planning a startup. However, this time her aim was to specifically help business owners and young entrepreneurs through proper consulting and guidance. She seeked the help of nears & dears.

Serv India Consultants, began its consulting operations out of the humble abode of our founder with only 3 consultants on its panel. However soon the number of consultants started growing and reached 15. The fields that Serv India Consultants was providing solutions in were- Accounts, Taxation, Corporate Law, and the satisfaction of the clients was such that they willingly became our initial marketing partners. With a delivery and client satifaction based approach, Serv India Consultants soon gained momentum and the need for expansion was felt. But the question was HOW?

The year 2018 was a landmark year for Serv India Consultants, witnessing the opening of it's first corporate office at the hub of corporate activity in Noida, World Trade Tower, Sector 16, opposite Rajnigandha Chowk. This was also the year that Serv India Consultants started evolving and expanding it's horizon. Our founder felt the need of transforming the consulting industry, as the Indian economy was severely hit and businesses were struggling. The need and void of a "One Stop Business Solution Destination" was present and thus Team SIC resolved to transform the Consulting Industry from being an "EARN Centred Industry" to a "SERV Centred Industry".

The concept of a unique platform providing Consulting Solutions in the field of Business Finance, Business Legal, Business Operations, Business Personnel, Business Technology, is SIC's unique architecture. And thus, was born, SIC-the World's Very First and Your Very Own, Business Supermarket!


  • SIC is your Very Own Business Supermarket!
  • We cater to all your Business Needs, & make it grow!
  • Our Business Professionals keep Your Business Safe
  • We are a One Stop Destination for Business Solutions
  • We offer Strong Networking to Our Clients, Entrepreneurs.
  • We offer Training & Development to Young Indians
  • We Serv! We aim to make India, Greater!


  • Our Consultants are selected based upon integrity & competence.
  • We believe in Solutions that lead to Transformations!
  • Our Clients become Our Marketing Partners due to satifaction.
  • We offer effective solutions, specially designed for you.
  • For us, Timely Delivery is a promise & lifetime commitment.
  • We offer Best Services at Economical Prices!
  • Distinctive Experts That Provide Effortless Expertise
  • Enriched Outcomes Enabled By Experienced Professionals.
  • Generating Best Results Through Open Communication.
  • Extensive Marketing Research Generates Valuable Insights
  • Reach Us At- servindiaconsultants@gmail.com


  • SIC offers Growth & Opportunity, and is employee oriented.
  • Our Employees are selected based upon capability & loyalty.
  • We believe our Human Capital is Our Biggest Strength!.
  • Our Internships pave the path to the top for many young minds.
  • We offer warm, comfortable, engaging & challenging environment.
  • For us, Human Resource Nurturing is a promise & lifetime commitment.
  • We offer Great Opportunities for those who want to Lead.
  • Distinctive & Diverse Exposure Opportunities will broaden your horizon.
  • Enriched discussions & Innovative initiatives are welcomed at SIC
  • Generating Best Decisions Through Dedication & Devotion.
  • Extensive Employee Engagement & Effective Redressal System
  • Reach Us At- hratsic@gmail.com


  • At SIC, We dont just train, WE NURTURE
  • Choose Us and Join Our Team , Make India Greater
  • Our Mentors are passionate about your growth!
  • Our Trainees, have their Own Community
  • We train our Trainees to face the Industry
  • Vocational Practical Courses, at Best Prices
  • Distinct Student Selection Criteria
  • Serv India Coach, is a Verified Expert
  • Competitions & Rewards for our Trainees!
  • We Grow, When You Grow!
  • Reach Us At- trainingatsic@gmail.com


  • SIC provides our Consultants a Community to thrive!
  • Technique to Grow & Guidance for our Consultants.
  • Our Consultants are selected via a Fair Selection Process.
  • Rewarded Leadership Positions in Consultant Network.
  • Our Strong Network of Professionals is Unique.
  • Earn Referal Points to get Free Leads or Reviews
  • Transform the Industry you work in!
  • Be a Leader, Serv with Pride!
  • Make India a Consulting PowerHouse.
  • Reach Us At- partnerwidsic@gmail.com


  • At SIC, We dont just Consult, WE SERV!
  • Choose a Serv India Consultant, Make India Greater.
  • If we don't deliver, we don't get paid!
  • Our Customers, have their Own Community.
  • We put our Customers Before Ourselves.
  • Effective Timely Solutions, at Best Prices.
  • Distinct Consultant Selection Criteria.
  • Our Consultant, is a Verified Expert!
  • Referal Points For Discount & Rewards.
  • We Grow, When You Grow!
  • Reach Us At- consultatsic@gmail.com


  • SIC is a Business Supermarket
  • Our Unique FLOPT Platform
  • We aim to Transfrom the Consulting Industry.
  • Our Business Plan is moderately risky.
  • We are Result Oriented.
  • We aim to make India, a Consulting Powerhouse.
  • Distinct Synergy Oriented Architecture.
  • Promising Returns in the Future.
  • Generation of Income from the day of Inception.
  • Extensive Market Research!
  • Reach Us At- investinsic@gmail.com