Serv India Consultants, as the name itself says "SERV" is inspired by the intention to transform the EARN Centred Consulting Industry into a SERV Centred Consulting Industry. SIC is a platform that aims of making India a powerhouse of global consulting by giving access to both customers and professionals or experts where they could interact and consult as per their needs for a service. At SIC we are aware that proper consulting for services is only possible when there is a proper mechanism to diagnose our client's business requirements and business health. So the customer would be required to provide information regarding their business to us. We collect this information through questionnaires especially designed after deeply studying various business organizations, business problems, case studies, businesses processes and business breakthroughs. We invite you all, whether you have Businesses, Startups, Consultancies to embark upon your Business Journey at SIC.

The best part is that as you engage and start with these questionnaires you will realize how we are with you every step of the way as we designed this segment especially after realizing how lonely the journey of an entrepreneur is. Also at SIC we are passionate about what we do, and we have always wanted to help Businesses solve their issues and grow out of challenges faced by them. Our Business Health Questionnaires will surely help you to assess business is likely to face in advance or which opportunity is promising and may generate future growth for you. For embarking upon this journey and availing all these benefits all you need to do is to register at Our Business Journey Page and just in case you are worried, let us assure you that this is an absolutely charge free feature at SIC, a gift from us to you!

What are you waiting for? BON VOYAGE!