Serv India Consultants Service Providers are experienced certified & qualified professionals who provide consulting in various fileds like- Business Finance, Business Legal, Business Operations, Business Personnel, Business Technology. Be it Professionals like Charterd Accountants, Cost & Management Accountants, Corporate Lawyers, IPR Lawyers, Cyber Lawyers, Company Secretaries or Operations Consultants like Business Market research Consultants or Strategy Consultants or Management Consultants, or Opearations Consultants, Or Branding & Franchising Consultants, Or Marketing & Advertising Consultants, Environment Consultants, Real Estate Consultants, or Technology Consultants, AI Consultants etc. Any of these consultants can apply to become a Service Provider or Partner at SIC.

Service Providers, are mandatorily members of the STB Community and engage in industry innovation and growth based dsicussions, delibrations, , utilize peer learning opportunities, facilitate motivation, inspiration, & engage in problem solutions, query resolution, opportunity awareness, govt policy analysis & evaluation, govt policy response planning and execution, and enjoy community support. Join to become a Serv India Consultant, We value you and so for a limited period, we are offering absolutely Free Membership to Our Service Providers to join us!



Multi-level Leadership have been argued to play a key role in determining areas effectiveness across all level that exist within any organization or community. A key component in a leader's ability to be effective within such environments is the degree to which subordinates and co-workers trust him. Thus SIC lloks out for partners or SERvice Providers who can assume Leadership roles which are Multi Level and facilitate Community Building and Community nurturing.

These Leadership Opportunities have the potenetial of becoming rather advantageous as these Leaderships will carry both Financial and Non Financial Rewards like recogntion & respect in the Community. The Chart gives a fair idea as to how the Leaderships will be in an heirarchy. This is a great opportunity but Neither Leadership in STB Community for Service providers nor selection as a Service Provider is easy. Criteria is extremely rigid and Selection Process is rather rigorous hence donot loose this opportunity and give it your best shot. ALL THE BEST!