SERV INDIA CONSULTANTS is an access providing and networking platform, that connects it's Service Providers or Professional Consultants with it's Clients who maybe Individuals, Startup Owners or Business Owners. Why & How is SIC different from other platform is because, the Executive Wing of SIC that includes Our Founder, Our Advisors, Our Management, Our Executives, our Employees and Interns, ensures that Our Partners or Service Providers are selected only after going through a rigorous screening process and meeting our merit based selection criteria. Team SIC works day and night to make sure that all SIC Partners are delivery and service oriented. Our Consultants are people of great calibre and the values and work ethic they possess are in tune to Serv India Consultants' approach to Client Servicing. We ensure that effective, timely & quality services are provided and our Clients are taken care of and everything at SIC is Customer Friendly.

SERV INDIA CUSTOMER is a networking platform for our clients, who happen to be Individuals, Startup Owners & Business Owners. Serv India Customer is extremely crucial for us, as it is these Entrepreneurs & Wannapreneurs who we are meant to serv! For us, a Serv India Consultant grows only when a Serv India Customer Grows! Thus Serv India Customer is our endeavour to provide our clients a platform to form synergies. At SIC, we value our people the most, and also understand that a revolution in the Consulting Industry isnt possible without the contribution of Our Valued Human Capital. Our Training Wing SERV INDIA CLASSROOM ensures that young minds are nurtured to join the bandwagon, and together we make India a Consulting Powerhouse, contribute to Indian Businesses, & make India, Greater!


SERV INDIA CORPORATE is the Executive Wing of SIC that includes Our Founder, Our Advisors, Our Management, Our Executives, our Employees and Interns. It is this team that works day and night to make sure that all at SIC are taken care of and everything at SIC is under order. This team is blessed with experienced wise advisors, who watch over the younger , passionate changemakers, who work with absolute dedication and devotion. This team is responsible and to be credited for building this platform as well as maintaining and ensuring that work at SIC is done in a manner that are values and head are always held high.We believe in building a culture where work is worshipped and failures are worked upon with full sincerity. Innovation & Experience are intertwined at SIC, and delivering results is the focus. This Team works to Serv India & Make India Greater, everyday!

SERV INDIA CONSULTANTS is an access providing, networking platform where Professional Consultants are selected on the basis of a transparent process & a strict merit and performance based selection criteria. We believe in community building and our Startup The Business Community for Our Service Providers or Partners is aimed at nurturing Our Professionals by providing them an ecosystem with a positive, growth oriented environment where experts of similar & related fields gather together to engage, deliberate, discuss and keep themselves motivate to grow on an individual as well as community level. This is a platform which gives access to Experts and Professionals of various fields like Finance, Legal, Operations, Personnel & Technology etc to connect with each other as well as interact with senior professionals of their fields and learn tricks of the trait. SIC lays a lot of stress at Cient satisfaction and so it is in these meetups that we will conduct Industry centred discussions which will shift the focus from just Earning to Serving the clients and provide quality services to them.

SERV INDIA CUSTOMER is our Networking Platform for our clients. SIC values our clients who happen to be High Networth Individuals, Startup Owners & Business Owners. Our clients are extremely valuable to us and so we have taken special care to provide them with an ecosystem to thrive in. At SIC we believe in delivering nothing but the best to our clients and so interacting with them, getting to know them was something we very much wanted to lay emphasis on. Hence Serv India Customer is designed to provide them a platform to connect amongst themselves and also to connect with us. Participation in Meetups at this platform is guaranteed to generate new business opportunities for our clients and at the same time webinars and presentations designed specifically to address business needs in the modern world will also be a unique feature of these meetings.

Serv India Classroom is our Training Wing. It is another extension of the Endeavour of Our Founder called Serv India Consultants. It is clear to us, that our Aim of making India a Powerhouse for Global Business Consulting will be left unattained if we don�t set out on a mission to create an Army of Consulting Wizards who will be catalytic to the process of Transformation of the Global Consulting Industry. As such we want to impart quality training and professional exposure to those who aspire to learn and grow in various fields of Consulting. Serv India Classroom is a humble attempt at providing online and offline courses to young minds, providing them with Vocational Coaching & Professional Skillset to be able to develop and help them embibe all the necessary skills & knowledge that helps them transitions from Beginners to Experts. Various courses in diiferent domains are available and a young person can choose any course which suits his interest. SIC Classrooms would serve as an advantage as Experts from different fields and experience would be taking up the classes.


STARTUP THE BUSINESS NETWORK Serv India Consultants believes in community building. Without working together our attempt of being changemakers will remain merely a wish. Thus STARTUP THE BUSINESS is a networking ecosystem solely to provide a platform for professionals, consultants, startup owners & Business interact, establish synergies and grow together. It is aimed at providing an envireonment to like minds to strive for growth together. Whether one wants to establish connections, or seek guidance from superiors of their fields, of their field, or establish synergies Startup The Business Community Provides you this very Opportunity. Getting Mentorship from Business owners and guidance from Serv India Consultants, engaging in Industry innovation and Growth orientation, Peer Learning opportunities, Motivation, Inspiration, Problem solutions, Query resolution, Opportunity awareness of, Government policy analysis & evaluation, Government policy response Planning and Execution, Community support.are some of the fringe benefits that this community's membership brings with itself. And the best part is Serv India Consultants is providing this membership absolutely free for a limited period of time. Please join!